Armadilla designs, builds and delivers exotic accommodation.

We fulfill a demand for “something different, something special.”

Our approach to our business is holistic.

We think of our customers’ needs, the comfort and pleasure of the end user.

But we also take our responsibilities as a company seriously. We care about our employees, our community and the impact our activities and products have on the environment and future generations.

Our Products

At Armadilla we aim to redefine luxury spaces. We have a range of luxury accommodation products.

  • Armadilla offers hospitality providers with elegant and smart accommodation for any environment.

  • The design of the Armadilla products incorporates elements of the Fibonacci Curve and Golden Ratio and thus creating exciting and iconic structures.

  • The organic architecture of the products lends itself to Biophilic design resulting in a more calming and pleasing space.

  • The use of modern manufacturing techniques results in well constructed products fit for comercial use.


“Thinking outside the box”

We use sustainable, high-quality materials and the latest manufacturing technology to create beautiful, functional and iconic Eco-pods that “wow”.

Why Armadilla?

  • Excellent ROI

  • Experienced professional supplier

  • Fit for purpose

  • Maintain / Enhance your brand

  • On Trend

  • Finance available

  • Pod control