Why Armadilla?

Excellent ROI

• Highest income generation of any comparable product

• Lowest life cycle costs of any comparable product

• Lowest running costs of any comparable product

• Monitor and control energy and water consumption

• Pods classed as Holiday Park Caravan (Potential for 100% CA)

Experienced professional supplier

• Team includes leading hotel consultant, logistics, design and technical specialists

• Full site assessment carried out including access, installation and services

• High quality presentations prepared

• Planning preparation service available

• Turnkey solutions available

• Factory tour encouraged

Fit for purpose

• Designed from the outset as a commercial product

• Over 10 years continuous development – over 500 units delivered

• Can be sited anywhere and we mean anywhere!

• Meet regulatory requirements (inc. remote Legionella monitoring)

Maintain / Enhance your brand

• Highest quality fittings

• Excellent eco-credentials

• Industry leading sustainability standards

• Advanced Armadilla Technology meets customers’ expectations

On Trend

• Quirky accommodation is a core component of Experiential Economy

• Biophilic Design fits well within Wellness sector

• Association with nature / mindfulness becoming mainstream

Finance available

• Finance options UK

• Specialist Export Finance for EU and overseas sales

Pod control

• The guest is presented with a sleek touch screen which allows control of all lighting, heating and ventilation as well as music via Bluetooth

• Traditional mechanical switches to control basic lighting and blinds located at bed side and near door.

• Remote access via a web app so hotelier can remote control pod operation such as switching off lights an, boiler and heating if the unit is vacant, Having a welcome setting.

• Mood lighting with 256 colour options as well as 4 preset moods such as romantic or disco.

• Simplified control of heating and ventilation – all aspects of fan speed, heating or cooling (depending on ambient temperature compared to set temperature) controlled automatically

• Bluetooth app so guest can control pod from his or her phone.

• Proposed room service and ‘skype / voip’ connectivity to reception via pod control system.

• Power management system to reduce peak demands of energy consumption particularly effective with multiple units and a limited power supply.

• Full diagnostics of main systems with remote telemetry.

• Robust purpose built system. Modular in design to eliminate downtime.

• Welcome messages and contact numbers / special offers

• Electrical power meter and water monitoring systems

Wellness tourism

• Armadilla products are strongly linked with Biophilic design and the wellness sector due to its organic shape and absence of edges & straight lines.

• Enter new or strengthen existing markets.