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Our Partners

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise is a development agency for Scotland’s entrepreneurial and economic interests and assist & support Scottish businesses in different ways. Scottish Enterprise helped us identify areas of development and have provided on-going support to improve productivity, increase export and product development.


Scottish Development International (SDI)

SDI is the international arm of the Scottish Government and works with businesses to realise new opportunities & markets in Scotland. Armadilla has worked with SDI to identify key management positions & candidates for the roles and introduced key contacts amongst international networks.



The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) work with manufacturing companies, like Armadilla, across Scotland to maximise production and output in a LEAN atmosphere. An advisor for SMAS meets with our production team to discuss implementing strategies to streamline our production processes and the introduction of new technologies.



An entity of Scottish Enterprise, ScotGrad facilitates the employment of recent university graduates seeking employment in a Scottish company. Armadilla works closely with ScotGrad to ensure the requirements of the business are translated to the applicants and then make a direct impact to the business on arrival. ScotGrad offer funding to businesses who employ successful graduates, allowing us to offer competitive employment packages.


Genoa Black

Genoa Black is a marketing company that provides marketing & brand strategies and marketing materials to help businesses of all sizes achieve their potential and beyond. Armadilla is working with Genoa Black to develop a range of new marketing & branding material, following the decision to repivot our marketing efforts from the consumer market to the commercial market.


Juicy Oasis

A nationally recognised retreat and spa, Juicy Oasis is an earlier adopter of the Armadilla Pods. Impressed with the success and popularity of the pods, the owner commissioned the design, development and production of the Wave and its subsequent assembly for multiple units at a new site in the Algarve. Having built a relationship with the owner over a number of years, we’ve been able to use invaluable feedback and support to develop innovative products.


Midlothian & East Lothian Chambers of Commerce

The regions largest business network and support system, MELCC help nourish businesses with knowledge and expert advice. They connect local businesses in the community and represent businesses of all sizes.


Breadalbane Finance

Breadalbane Finance work with our customers who require financing options. Our relationship manager has a strong knowledge of their products & services and works closely with our customer to understand their needs and offer the best solution.