The Pod

Length: 5.8 m (max) - Width: 3.0 m (max)

Height: 3.1 m (max) - floor area: 10.8 m²

The Pod’s uniquely curved shape has been hailed as a design classic, fitting in well to both traditional and contemporary environments. With the introduction of Accoya cladding which comes with a 50 year guarantee, this pod can lay claim to being a world class leader in sustainability and durability.

Designed and built for the commercial hospitality sector this pod will achieve high revenues and with low maintenance and quick and easy turnarounds will help increase profitability of any establishment with grounds or woodland.

Delivered fully assembled as a true plug and play solution meaning an increase in room numbers with no down time in the main facility. Air conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery are standard thus providing a truly comfortable guest experience.

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The Wave

Length: 10.8 m (max) - Width: 6.8 m (max)

Height: 3.85 m (max) - floor area: 30 m²

The stunning and dramatic shape of the Wave creates a real Wow factor and will attract a broad spectrum of guests to what is truly a totally indulgent experience.

Constructed using Structurally Insulated Panels the Wave can be shipped globally in a container and erected within 3 weeks on a prepared site.

As with all our products the Wave is constructed with low energy requirements and excellent levels of insulation.

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The Kurv

3_18 - Photo.jpg

The Kurv has been designed to provide accommodation to both able bodied and disabled guests but with the additional requirements being discreetly installed.

It will provide sleeping for 6 adults, or family groups and has been designed to nestle in any rural environment.

*This product is currently under development and will be introduced later in 2019. Provisional orders are already being placed.*