Need To know

Viewing an Armadilla

If you have not yet seen an Armadilla “in the flesh” please contact our office on 0131 440 4515 and we will arrange a viewing. We always have a range of Armadillas at our premises at Edinburgh and for those further afield we can usually arrange for an existing owner nearer to you to allow you to view their Armadilla.


Choosing your model and specifications

There is a wide range of models available and for each you have a selection of specifications (size, exterior coating, interior colour, flooring etc) We will happily guide you through the various options and then prepare a 3D render which will be sent by email to you for examination and approval.



There are essentially four components to the cost of an Armadilla, which will all be clearly stated in your quotation –

  1. Cost of the specific model

Based on list price plus any additional components. Click here for current price list.


  1. Delivery to your premises

This is charged at cost and we always seek to find the most economical method. Click here to see images in transit.


  1. Installation

The most appropriate method will be assessed by an Armadilla surveyor during a site survey and could be by using a fork lift, hiab (lorry mounted crane) or city crane. Installation is charged at cost. Click here for images of Armadillas being installed.


  1. Site preparation

Site preparation is very simple and straightforward. It involves setting 4 concrete blocks into the ground on to which your Armadilla will sit. This needs to be carried out prior to delivery. Armadilla can arrange contractors to carry out this work but because it is usually quite simple most customers choose to arrange it themselves using local contractors (or indeed carrying it out themselves). We are happy to advise and liaise with your contractors and supply a comprehensive site preparation pack including a ground membrane which acts as a location template. Click here for more detailed information on site preparation.


Site survey

A site survey is essential to ensure that there is sufficient access to your premises (narrow gates, low bridges and trees etc) and to determine the appropriate method of installation. It is also an opportunity to answer any queries you may have on any aspect of the process. At a site survey we can advise on services and site preparation. We can normally arrange a site survey within a week or so when endeavour carry out a number in the same area.


Planning permission

Within the web site there is a comprehensive section on planning permission. In almost all cases planning permission is not required for an Armadilla going in to a domestic garden. Most domestic properties have Permitted Development (PD) rights meaning that there is no requirement for planning permission as long as the structure meets certain criteria – particularly in relation to its size. The Armadilla has been designed to meet those size criteria.



For Garden Rooms and Offices the main requirement is for an electrical connection (and often telephone and data connections). All Armadillas are supplied with an electrical safety certificate. The connection between the Armadilla and the supply (house or garage) does need to be carried out by a qualified electrician. If you have an electrician who has carried out previous work for you – great. If not we can source one in your locality from the register of qualified electricians. Click here for more detailed information on services, including requirements for Xtrarooms.



If your Armadilla is being sited a distance away from your house, wifi may not be satisfactory. There are two alternatives –

  • A dedicated data cable from your router in the house to a junction box on the outside rear gable of the Armadilla (All Armadilla offices are prewired with phone and data sockets)
  • Power line Ethernet adapters. This system utilises the electric cable from the house to the Armadilla to transmit your broadband. It requires a plug in adapter at either end The one at the house is connected to the router and the one at the Armadilla can have a simple wifi transmitter or be plugged in to the prewired system.



Your Armadilla is supplied with a maintenance instruction manual – which is quite slim as there is practically no maintenance required. All our external coatings have an 8 to 12 year maintenance cycle so apart from an annual wash down and keeping vegetation clear from the structure there’s not much required really. However, if a something knocks in to your Armadilla (bike, lawnmower etc) and it needs a wee touch up, we always provide a small tin of your coating and a paint brush with your Armadilla.



We offer a 10 year structural warranty which simply guarantees that your Armadilla will retain its structural integrity for at least that period. In truth given the quality of materials employed and the workmanship involved we would expect an Armadilla to last for many decades. (There are 600 year old churches in Russia, still in use, that have been clad with the same species of larch we use!) All components are naturally covered by a 12 month no quibble guarantee.