Core Features

Designed to last a lifetime


All Armadillas are designed to be constructed with three core principles in mind; durability, quality and longevity. Our unique steel base which is integrated into every Armadilla provides a rigid and perfectly level and square chassis to build from. Built from Grade A Siberian Larch and marine grade stainless steel fixings – every aspect of the Armadillas design is to last and remain beautiful.

Grade A Siberian Larch cladding

Rigid box section steel chassis

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Screws

Designed to be low maintenance

No Planning permission required in most cases


Under planning law, the Armadilla is regarded as a caravan as specified by a letter from the HRMC and as such is treated as a temporary structure. There are certain situations that any structure will need planning permission such as conservation villages, national parks etc, but to date with over 480 installations and about 30 planning applications submitted not one has been refused.

One hour installation

All Armadillas are delivered fully constructed in perfect condition ready to use instantly. One of our representatives will oversee the safe and smooth installation of your unit which typically lasts only about an hour. All we ask is for a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. Naturally some installations may take longer, but we have perfected this process to be as quick and stress-free as possible.

No Foundations are needed


Due to the incredible strength and rigidity of the intergrated steel chassis no formal foundations are required to site any Armadilla. This reduces installation costs dramatically and has virtually no impact or disruption on the ground. Four pad stones (concrete blocks) are placed at each corner – It’s that easy.

4 Seasons Anywhere


All armadillas are built to domestics building control standards and often exceeds what is required. Fully insulated, heated and ventilated – Armadillas are designed to be used all year round in any climate.


Designed and built in the UK

All armadillas are built in our 25,000 sq ft. factory near Edinburgh. We try to source UK products where possible and support local businesses at every opportunity. We currently employ 32 full time staff and are proud to be a Living Wage plus employer.

Your Armadilla – Your Design

Over 6 years we have designed 100s of internal layouts to suit or customer’s needs. And as such we can draw from a catalogue of ready-made designs that can be interchanged or slotted in to our core product range. If you can’t find what you need – our dedicated design team and technical experts will work closely with you to achieve exactly what you require.

10 Year guarantee


All Armadillas come with a 10 year structural guarantee so you can be at ease knowing that you Armadilla is designed and built to last.

Comfortable and spacious


Dr Who would love an Armadilla. With its cathedral like ceilings and curved walls it creates the amazing sensation of space and airiness, the large glazed window and door provide an abundance of light and allows bountifully framed views of your surroundings.

It’s really a Tiny House

Every Armadilla is built like a tiny house. With full 240v electrics Inc. 17th edition consumer unit, Electric carbon filament Underfloor heating. Passive and assisted controllable ventilation, Double glazing, High performance foil backed, closed cell insulation. Insurance rated euro locks. These are a tiny list of some of the features that make an Armadilla truly unique.

Standard 240V electrics

Electric underfloor heating

LED lighting throughout

Fully insulated

Connects easily to existing services

Data, TV and telephone ready

Safe and secure

Insurance rated locks

Double glazed windows