In addition to our core values, we have subscribed, alongside 650 other Scottish businesses, to the Scottish Business Pledge; a voluntary business code of conduct. The pledge encourages Scottish businesses to promote fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation whilst also pushing for economic success:



  • Communities can flourish when they are supported by the members within it. We support our community by using fair employment practices; paying the living wage; no zero hours contracts; and engage with the members of the workforce.

Sustainability & Quality

  • Our products are design & manufactured to the highest standards and are built with high quality and sustainable products.


  • Armadilla harbours diversity, which in turn, generates new & innovative ideas, which we implement throughout our products and workplace systems.

Living Wage

  • For a business to prosper, the community must prosper. We give back to our community by paying the living wage to our employees and in return, our workforce is motivated and valued.

Zero Hours Contracts

  • It’s important to manifest trust and remove exploitation throughout an organisation, both with management and staff. We employ our staff on part-time or full-time contracts.

Workforce Engagement

  • Employees in the Production Team collaborate frequently with those in the Product Development Team to discuss challenges and solutions.

Balanced Workforce

  • At Armadilla we welcome diversity and our employees come from across Scotland & the UK, Eastern & Western Europe and the Middle East. Much of our workforce come from a range of educational backgrounds and use a diverse set of skills with substantial experience.

Invest in Youth

  • Many of our office staff are recent graduates from local universities and bring fresh approaches to working and solutions to problems to remain competitive.


  • We are continually looking to work with international customers and add to our export portfolio, with sales consultants and networks in South America, Ireland, Europe and the Middle East.

Prompt Payment

  • We understand the importance of making payments to our suppliers and make every effort before they are required.