Case studies

RiverBeds Scotland

An early commercial adopter of the Armadilla Pods, Riverbeds over the last 4 years have increased their stock to 12 Armadilla pods and are now adding 5 Waves to their stable.

As part of the initial appraisal we visited their site to assess accessibility and possible locations to site the pods. We suggested cantilevering the pods over a river that runs through the site, illustrating the capabilities of the robust integrated steel frame. Guests can lean over the balustrade looking down on the river rushing beneath them creating that ‘Wow’ factor – resulting in weekend rates of over £400 per night per pod. More……


Juicy Oasis Portugal

Juicy Oasis is an established celebrity spa & resort chain, with sites in Portugal and Turkey. Owner, Jason Vale is a leading proponent of healthy living and juicing and has built a successful brand. He approached Armadilla looking to supplement the existing hotel with pods.

Within a short period of time, the Armadilla Pods became more popular than the hotel rooms mainly because they added significantly to the experience guests were seeking (and were far more Instagrammable than the hotel rooms!) More……

Juicy Escape Portugal

Building on the success of the pods at the Juicy Oasis, Jason Vale appointed Armadilla to develop a Spa complex at his latest site in the Algarve. In addition to designing a stunning spa facility, Armadilla are building 35 Waves and 10 Pods for the site which Gary Barlow will open in June 2020 with a musical extravaganza.

The Waves are being constructed around a lake with decking over the water complete with hot tubs. The spa facility is a series of interconnected domes. More……


Glamping Resorts Germany

The owners acquired land in a Biosphere - an area of high biodiversity and ecology near Saarbrücken, in South Western Germany. They looked across Europe for a product that matched their high environmental standards and selected Armadilla and 21 units were delivered in 2017.

The site has acquired a very high reputation for the quality of the site, the accommodation and the standard of service and has had multiple successful media reviews. More……


Haulfryn England & Wales

One of the largest holiday park providers in the UK for over 80-years, Haulfryn Group has over a dozen sites across Wales and the South of England. Aware of the changing demographics of their core market they are looking to invest in units which will excite a more discerning customer base.

The Armadilla units are already classed as Holiday Park Caravans so there were no delays with planning issues and they are moving forward with more Armadilla units across more sites. More……


Wave Garden Scotland

Wave Garden Scotland is investing £15 m into a world class adventure leisure facility which will house a surf school, bike trails, restaurants & cafes and accommodation. It is being developed at Ratho just outside Edinburgh.

Armadilla has been selected as provider of accommodation for the park, and will provide a platter of pods and Waves, to be delivered throughout 2020. More……

Quirky Nights Glamping Village Ireland

Located near Sligo in the West of Ireland is a pioneering glamping experience with a transport theme throughout. A Boeing 767, the Train from the Orient Express and decommissioned tanks, taxis, double decker buses make up some of the fleet at the site in Enniscrone.

To continue with the theme of quirky accommodation space, Armadilla has been selected to provide almost 100 pods and Waves over the next 18 months. More…

Penicuik House Scotland

Located 10 miles south of Edinburgh, Penicuik House, whose roots are traced back to 1654, is the site of a large Georgian house that has fallen into a state of disrepair since a fire tore down the house in 1899.

To provide additional revenue streams, Penicuik House is in the process of converting their walled garden into a wedding venue and using Armadilla Pods to supplement the venue with accommodation. The owners are looking to use the Armadilla pods to additionally provide accommodation for visitors to Edinburgh along the lines of a “Nature Hotel”. More……