Who we are

Armadilla is a family-run business based near Edinburgh founded in 2010

Armadilla is a family-run business founded in 2010 by Managing Director, Archie Hunter and CEO, Ross Hunter. Archie, with a background in farming and hospitality has been a lifelong advocate of sustainability and Ross a design engineer had extensive experience in manufacturing and product design.

They decided at the outset that the Armadilla products had to be of the highest quality, fit for purpose and sustainable.

The company recently outgrew its original premises and has moved to 25,000sq ft premises near Edinburgh. Now supplying products to commercial clients across Europe, the Middle East and South America has become an international business.


What we do

Armadilla designs, builds and delivers exotic accommodation to a global market

Our customers are at the forefront of the hospitality and wellness sectors.

To stay ahead they must offer their guests an accommodation experience like no other.

That’s what we do - we deliver world class solutions.



2010 – Armadilla Ltd is founded, the first prototypes have been designed and the first pod built.

2011 – 110 Armadilla units were used at Glastonbury and other festival sites.

2014 – Armadilla takes on its first international commercial order, and supplies 8 Xtraroom Pods to the Juicy Oasis, central Portugal.

2015 – Armadilla’s first domestic commercial project takes place in Glencoe. RiverBeds, on the Dragonstooth Estate, site 4 pods, cantilevered over a river that runs through the estate.

2016 – Armadilla appear at the Edinburgh International Science Festival and gains international recognition as a manufacturer of luxury & boutique accommodation pods.

2017 – Armadilla’s second venture into Europe, this time in South Germany. Armadilla supplied 20 bespoke pods to a site located in a biosphere.

2018 – Having outgrown our original premises in Rosewell, we moved to a 25,000 sq ft building in Bonnyrigg to cope with the demand from commercial customers.

2019 – Following two years of design, development and testing, the Wave is put into production and breaks ground in Portugal where we are erecting 35 Waves, 10 Pods and a spa complex due to open in 2020.


Our core values

Design - must be organic, creative & pleasing

Innovation - has to be functional & smart

Sustainability - the product’s got to last

Commerciality - if not - what’s the point?

Integrity - with staff, customers & community

To demonstrate our commitment to these values Armadilla has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge


 Design philosophy

At Armadilla we see design as essential in all that we do

But it must be great design

So it has to be -

  • iconic

  • functional

  • innovative

  • pleasing

  • organic

  • sustainable

  • practical

  • timeless

Combine all of the above and you have a world class product


Company Environmental policy

Sustainability is a key element in the Armadilla ethos and is taken into consideration at each stage of production.


 Case studies

our work is all about delivering a better experience for everyone who uses our exotic accommodation.


 Our suppliers

We work closely with our suppliers to deliver high quality products.